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Congress Hears the Case for Energy Storage

30 Jul , 2018  

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Energy Storage Gets Its Day in Congress The House Energy and Commerce Committee invited experts to testify on what federal storage policy should look like. Written by Julian Spector, greentechmedia.com, July 18, 2018 Energy storage experts got to ask what their country could do for them Wednesday. The House Energy and Commerce Committee convened a […]

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New York State’s New Energy Efficiency Goal

20 Apr , 2018  


Allison Donnelly, ERS for Zondits, April 20, 2018 Fulfilling a promise to announce a new energy efficiency goal for the state of New York by Earth Day 2018, the governor’s office today released a press release listing the goal and several associated activities. The new goal reduces energy consumption in the state by 185 trillion […]

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Trump Announces the U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

1 Jun , 2017  

Paris-energy-law Paris Agreement

US cities, states and companies vow to honour Paris climate accord, even if Trump doesn’t New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday that his municipality would “take matters into our own hands, calling the threat to pull out of the historic climate accord “a dagger aimed at the heart of New York City.” […]

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The Unstoppable Growth of the Clean Energy Sector

9 Feb , 2017  

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Ethan Forauer, ERS, and Gita Subramony, ERS, for Zondits The new presidential administration is proposing sweeping changes to energy and environmental policy. During the presidential debates, the candidates did not devote much time to explaining their policy positions and ideas regarding climate change and energy. However, the stance of the new administration has been made clear […]

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Wyoming’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, or, Standard Portfolio Renewable?

25 Jan , 2017  

Ethan Forauer, ERS, for Zondits In a piece of legislation that has proven to be one of the first of its kind, Wyoming State Representative David Miller has brought forward a bill aiming to penalize state utilities that incorporate ineligible clean energy resources in the state’s electricity portfolio. This comes at a juncture where economic […]

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Trump Issues a Freeze Impacting Pending Energy Efficiency Regulations

23 Jan , 2017  

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Trump’s regulatory freeze halts four Obama rules aimed at promoting greater energy efficiency The Washington Post, January 21, 2017 Nearly simultaneously with President Trump’s oath of office Friday, the White House website shifted to remove climate change related content from the Obama administration and supplant it with a new statement of Trump’s energy policy — one focused, it said, reducing […]

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Energy Efficiency Is a Bigger Resource Than Nuclear Power

22 Aug , 2016  

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The enormous scale of all the energy that we never used The Washington Post, August 19, 2016 Energy efficiency takes a huge number of forms, ranging from weatherizing a house to upping the fuel efficiency of vehicles. A new report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, a prominent nonprofit that both researches and promotes energy […]

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What’s Right with New York: A Primer on New York’s REV Proceeding

1 Jun , 2016  

New York REV

Allison Donnelly, ERS, for Zondits. Image credit: Unsplash / 8180 images This is a good time to be working in clean energy. Nationwide, the costs of rooftop solar, LEDs, electric vehicles, and other sustainable technologies are coming down at an impressive rate. Technologies that once seemed to be on the fringe are becoming mainstream – even […]

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NRCan and the U.S. DOE Aim to Align Efficiency Standards

9 Mar , 2016  


Canadian energy efficiency standards to follow U.S. lead ECEEE, March 4, 2016. Image credit: Photoshot Updated energy performance targets for a range of commercial and residential equipment and lighting products will be the first regulatory amendments since Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) signed an agreement aimed at harmonizing the two counties’ energy […]

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California Governor Brown Raises the Bar

7 Jan , 2015  


Entering an unprecedented fourth term as Governor of California, Jerry Brown is raising the bar for energy and the environment. Rather than paraphrase his speech, we have extracted the section of his speech that addresses energy, efficiency and climate change.

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