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Government Report Details the Usage of Utility-Scale Battery Storage

27 Apr , 2022  

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Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 4/27/2022 A recent report published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) on the status of utility-scale energy storage illustrates that battery storage is a proven technology for the shifting of electrical loads and improving grid stability. It also makes it clear that storage systems must continue to grow along with […]

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Carbon-Free Energy to Power Google by 2030

30 Sep , 2020  

greentechmedia.com, 9/30/2020 Google on Monday pledged that by 2030 it will run its entire business on carbon-free energy — every hour of every day of the year. The promise commits the tech giant to an even more aggressive program of sourcing clean energy and enabling the infrastructure to make it available even when the sun isn’t shining and the […]

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Announcing the Launch of the Zondits Webinar Series

8 May , 2020  

zondits webinar series

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our weekly webinar series, starting on May 20th!

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Silicon: Small Ingredient Plays Major Role in Battery Upgrades

8 May , 2020  

This article was originally published on pnnl.gov on April 28, 2020. RICHLAND, Wash. — The same material you’ll find at the tip of a pencil—graphite—has long been a key component in today’s lithium-ion batteries. As our reliance on these batteries increases, however, graphite-based electrodes are due for an upgrade. For that, scientists are looking to the […]

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Two National Grid Projects Steal Spotlight on the Big Stage

13 Nov , 2019  

This article was originally published on csrwire.com on Nov. 8, 2019. Their work is paving the way for the global transition to a clean, resilient, and reliable grid. – Janice Lin, Energy Storage North America Conference Chair National Grid today announced that two of its energy storage projects have been recognized as Energy Storage North […]

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DERs Boost Grid Efficiency

30 Sep , 2019  

This article was originally published on utilitydive.com on 9/23/19. The power system’s growing need for flexible load and customers’ rising demand for backup power are driving new partnerships between utilities and providers of customer-sited resources across the Northeast. Vermont’s Green Mountain Power (GMP) is leading this transition toward distributed energy resources (DER) as grid assets. But others are […]

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New Cathode Designs May Increase Battery Performance

15 Aug , 2018  

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“Hot” New Cathode Finding Could Boost Battery Performance Research opens up new possible designs for advanced battery cathodes needed for electric cars Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, June 2018 Lithium-ion batteries involve an intricately designed chemical recipe, one that scientists are constantly trying to improve. The latest tweak from researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and […]

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Congress Hears the Case for Energy Storage

30 Jul , 2018  

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Energy Storage Gets Its Day in Congress The House Energy and Commerce Committee invited experts to testify on what federal storage policy should look like. Written by Julian Spector, greentechmedia.com, July 18, 2018 Energy storage experts got to ask what their country could do for them Wednesday. The House Energy and Commerce Committee convened a […]

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Rocky Mountain Institute Report: The Economics of Clean Energy Portfolios

12 Jun , 2018  

Written by Ryan Pollin, ERS for Zondits, June 11, 2018 A new Rocky Mountain Institute report, “The Economics of Clean Energy Portfolios,” considers four proposed gas plants in different areas of the United States, comparing the cost of their construction and operation to a locale-appropriate mix of clean energy resources – solar, wind, storage, and […]

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Colorado Moves on Energy Storage Legislation

24 Apr , 2018  


Colorado Senate approves second storage bill, waits on House Written by Robert Walton, utilitydive.com, April 24, 2018 Dive Brief: The Colorado Senate on Monday voted 26-9 on third reading to approve HB18-1270, which directs the development of mechanisms to enable investor-owned utilities to acquire energy storage systems, while restricting their size to 15 MW. Because amendments […]

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