Announcing the Launch of the Zondits Webinar Series

Big news! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our weekly webinar series, starting on May 20th! Each webinar session will focus on a different area of demand-side management and innovative programs in the energy industry. In each webinar, we’ll be joined by industry leaders engaged in cutting-edge projects across the country. They’ll provide a fresh perspective and first-hand knowledge about lessons learned and key findings from each program or project.

We’re excited to expand our resource library to give you access to actionable insights, best practices, and case studies. The best part, it’s free!

Our first webinar, Battery Storage for Active Demand Reduction, features Vijay Gopalakrishnan, Senior Engineer at ERS. Vijay will share findings from an impact evaluation of 5 lithium-ion batteries installations that were dispatched in a variety of C&I facilities in Massachusetts. He’ll share what works and what doesn’t in this 30-minute Zondits webinar.

We hope you’ll join us for our first webinar on May 20th at 12 p.m. ET.  

Zondits Webinar Series Schedule

  • May 20th @ 12 p.m. | Battery Storage for Active Demand Reduction | Register
  • May 27th @ 12 p.m. | Thermal Storage for Active Demand Reduction | Register
  • June 3rd @ 12 p.m. | Modeling the Grid Impacts of EV Charging | Register
  • June 10th @ 12 p.m. | Initial Lessons Learned from an Energy Storage Demonstration Program | Register
  • June 17th @ 12 p.m. | The Energy Efficiency Opportunity with Indoor Agriculture | Register
  • June 24th @ 12 p.m. | Assessing Key Delivery Practices for Large C&I Program Success | Register