Smackover – Exxon Mobile Enters the Lithium Market 

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 11/30/2023 With the purchase of a 120,000-acre site in Arkansas that sits above the giant Smackover Formation, a huge limestone aquifer spanning 600 miles across several states from Texas to Florida, Exxon Mobil (Exxon) plans to become a major U.S. supplier of lithium. Lithium is a critical element in modern rechargeable … Read more

EV Maker Lucid Claims an Anxiety-Busting Range of Over 500 Miles

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 9/19/2023 Peter Rawlinson, the CEO of Arizona’s Lucid Motors, claims that its new model Lucid Air can travel over 500 miles on a single charge. The claim, backed by an EPA estimated range of 516 miles, is about double the range of most currently available EVs and will quell range anxiety … Read more

Considering Grid Impact as Electric Vehicle Adoption Explodes

GianGabriel Masoni Dobles, Zondits staff, 7/5/2023 Originally published for Utility Analytics Institute, Zondits received approval to repost the following article about grid impacts from electric vehicles. A group of analytics professionals and experts in electric vehicle adoption and grid integration pooled their insights on the best practices to overcome the challenging obstacles of electric vehicle … Read more

The Custom Conundrum: Accelerating Building Electrification

GianGabriel Masoni Dobles, Zondits staff, 6/27/2023 Valerie Nibler, Zondits contributor Energy efficiency efforts have made a significant shift toward building electrification in recent years, as the transition to clean renewable energy sources has moved front and center. For single-family homes, the effort has focused on heat pumps for space and water heating as well as … Read more

Cooking with Gas (or not)

Sara Conzemius, Zondits guest, 6/21/2023 Originally published for Illume Advising, Zondits received approval to repost the following article about natural gas. Cooking with gas is both a phrase and a way of life. As someone who fancies herself as a pretty good amateur chef, I (like many), was brought up believing that to do it … Read more

Silent Giants: Electrification on the Warehouse Floor

Gian-Gabriel Masoni Dobles, Contributing Writer, Zondits  5/2/2023 Wes Whited, Zondits contributor Throughout industry, forklifts are everywhere. Statistical research firms estimate that nearly 1.5 million forklifts are sold every year, worldwide. And forklifts represent a huge opportunity in the transition to clean energy. How so? Forklifts are powered by either fossil fuel (gasoline, diesel, propane) engines or electric … Read more

CNBC Publishes Series on the Need for a National Macrogrid

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 3/9/2023 In a clear sign that power grid issues are becoming a concern to more than just “energy wonks,” CNBC, the widely read internet journal and broadcast network is publishing a multi-part series on problems associated with the grid and the nation’s climate change goals.  The series titled, Transmission Troubles, makes … Read more

The Role of Gas Utilities in an Electrified Nation

Matt Montalbano, Zondits guest, 12/28/2022 Climate action plans (CAPs) have been released or are in the process of being developed by 33 states with the aim to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The amount of GHG emission reductions and the timeline to achieve them varies by state, but states share many of the same strategies … Read more

DOE’s EV Impact Tool Calculates Net Emissions Impacts for Each State

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 12/22/2022 If you have been researching EVs, you have likely seen numerous articles, including some on Zondits, covering the national and global emissions impacts of replacing gasoline-powered cars with EVs. That’s useful information for sure. But we know that the impact is partly driven by the electrical generation mix in the … Read more

EVs May Challenge the Nation’s Electric Grid, But May Also Help

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 11/29/2022 As the Rolling Stones once sang, “Ti-i-i-me, is on my side, yes, it is!” And the same can be said for the challenge facing the nation’s electric grid when it comes to handling the ever-increasing demand of electric vehicle charging at home and on the road. Clearly, EVs are and … Read more