EV Charging Access is Expanding in the Most Unexpected Region: the Midwest

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 8/15/2022 It’s well publicized that California leads the nation in electric vehicle ownership, with EVs representing 23.2% of all vehicles on the road. So, who would have suspected that the Midwest would be a region with one of the most aggressive plans to put more EVs on the road — by … Read more

Has Interest in EVs Peaked?

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 8/12/2022 With all the current interest in EVs and both private and government investment in charging infrastructure, Zondits was surprised to see this headline from July: “People Suddenly Losing Interest in Electric Cars?” That article, first published by the marketing website “Tell Me Best” references Edmunds.com — a recognized trade site … Read more

Rental Car Industry Invests in the EV Transition 

man in rental car

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 8/1/2022 There is, perhaps, no clearer sign that the transition to EVs is rapidly progressing than the fact that the rental car industry is jumping in with all four wheels. Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise are all making significant fleet purchases of 100% electric vehicles, as well as hybrid cars.  Zondits recognizes … Read more

In Transition to EVs, We Risk Leaving Rural America Behind

rural EV

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 7/12/2022 Fifteen years after the introduction of the iPhone, large portions of rural America still have no cell phone coverage. And 20 years after broadband internet became common, rural areas struggle with dial-up or rely on satellite dishes. Now as electric vehicles (EVs) gain market share, rural areas in the U.S. … Read more

On the Road to Faster EV Adoption

EV dealer

Susan Stefanovich, Zondits staff, 7/5/2022 To improve electric vehicle adoption, governments and utilities should implement programs that incorporate point-of-sale incentives that are easy for buyers to access and effectively improve affordability. Electric vehicle adoption has not been fast enough to meet the climate goals set forth by many companies and governments, partly due to the … Read more

Formula E – A Racing Testbed for Electric Vehicles

formula E

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 6/27/2022 For proponents of clean energy, the sport of automobile racing has always been a controversial subject. For some, it is a waste of precious energy resources, but others view it as contributing valuable research and development (R&D) for improving the efficiency of automobiles. That discussion has recently taken on a … Read more

Charge While You Drive: The Rx for Range Anxiety?

on-road charging

Angie Ziech-Malek, Zondits staff, 6/17/2022 In what is sure to be a scene repeated in many households in many countries over the next few years, my husband and I recently sat down to discuss if we were ready to go all-electric for our next vehicle. Our 15-year-old car had lost its reliability and, given that … Read more

Can the U.S. Electrical Grid Handle the Growth in EVs?

electric grid

Mark D’Antonio, Zondits staff, 5/27/2022 Grid Capability – Is the Nation’s grid able to support the explosive growth of electric vehicles (EVs) projected in the coming years? It’s a frequent question that arises and it’s an important infrastructure question to answer. Several automakers are projecting that millions of new cars and trucks over the next … Read more

Will Direct Lithium Extraction be a Driver or Passenger in Electrification?

lithium mining

Matt Montalbano, Zondits staff, 5/12/2022 Electrification in the transportation sector will be driven by batteries. And for the foreseeable future, specifically lithium-ion batteries. With the demand for electric vehicles (EV) around the world on the rise, producers will look to increase lithium extraction to meet the market needs. According to a World Bank Group report, … Read more

‘Take the Long Way Home’ EV Ad Steals Spotlight

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 4/1/2022 Electric vehicle start-up Stidnoz has hired the PR firm Norbera, Dwaas, Bolond, and Amadan to produce their “Take the Long Way Home” advertising campaign. The ad agency is well known for its television ads for a popular dishwashing detergent that urges viewers to run their electric dishwashers every day even … Read more