Get Schooled on the Viability of Two-Way Vehicle to Grid Energy Storage

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 11/1/2022 In the Greater Boston area, electric school buses are doing more than taking students to and from school. Energy stored in the buses’ batteries is transferred back to the grid during times of demand stress on the regional electric generation and distribution systems. In the town of Beverly, a Boston … Read more

EV History Part IV: 200 Years Later, Batteries Remain the Weak Link of EVs

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 10/19/2022 When Robert Anderson strapped a non-rechargeable battery and motor onto a carriage nearly 200 years ago (arguably driving the first EV) it also started a scientific frenzy to determine how to extend the life of batteries used for transportation. And here we are, two centuries later, and the frenzy continues … Read more

EV History Part III: Tomorrow’s Models are Coming Fast to a Showroom Near You

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 10/6/2022 By the second decade of the new century, the success of Tesla had lit a fire under the butts of U.S. European and Asian automakers. Ford, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, and others have all introduced fully electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids. In addition, new firms such as Rivian … Read more

EV History Part I: The Story of the Electric Vehicle is Nearly 200 Years Old

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 9/21/2022 This is the first in a multi-part series on the history of the electric vehicle. In the beginning, there was the hand crank. NOT! Contrary to schoolbook history — and silent movies — some of the earliest iterations of the “horseless carriage” required no such effort: they were electric. And … Read more

The Death of Detroit’s Electric Streetcars

Detroit streetcar

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 8/23/2022 Before there were personal electric vehicles (EVs) there were electric streetcars. In Detroit, the first electric streetcars went into service in 1886 — 10 years before Henry Ford took his first trial run in a small, four-wheeled vehicle he called a “Quadricycle,” and long before Detroit became the “Motor City” … Read more

EV Charging Access is Expanding in the Most Unexpected Region: the Midwest

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 8/15/2022 It’s well publicized that California leads the nation in electric vehicle ownership, with EVs representing 23.2% of all vehicles on the road. So, who would have suspected that the Midwest would be a region with one of the most aggressive plans to put more EVs on the road — by … Read more

Has Interest in EVs Peaked?

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 8/12/2022 With all the current interest in EVs and both private and government investment in charging infrastructure, Zondits was surprised to see this headline from July: “People Suddenly Losing Interest in Electric Cars?” That article, first published by the marketing website “Tell Me Best” references — a recognized trade site … Read more

Rental Car Industry Invests in the EV Transition 

man in rental car

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 8/1/2022 There is, perhaps, no clearer sign that the transition to EVs is rapidly progressing than the fact that the rental car industry is jumping in with all four wheels. Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise are all making significant fleet purchases of 100% electric vehicles, as well as hybrid cars.  Zondits recognizes … Read more