EVs May Challenge the Nation’s Electric Grid, But May Also Help

Craig Farrand, Zondits guest, 11/29/2022 As the Rolling Stones once sang, “Ti-i-i-me, is on my side, yes, it is!” And the same can be said for the challenge facing the nation’s electric grid when it comes to handling the ever-increasing demand of electric vehicle charging at home and on the road. Clearly, EVs are and … Read more

Power Outages are on the Rise in the US

electric pole

Matt Montalbano, Zondits staff, 6/2/2022 Texas is experiencing a hotter-than-usual spring and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has begun preparations for the added risks that brings to the electrical grid. On Friday, May 13th, Brad Jones, the interim ERCOT chief executive issued a statement asking Texans to “conserve power when they can,” signaling … Read more