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Green New Deal to Decarbonize the City of Ithaca

7 Jan , 2022  

Mark D’Antonio, DNV, 1/7/2022 Ithaca is taking action! The City, located in central New York, adopted the Ithaca Green New Deal in 2019 to address climate change, economic inequality, and racial injustice. According to the City’s website, the Green New Deal’s primary goals are to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2030 and to provide community-wide benefits that […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Energy Storage, Renewables

Climate Change and Clean Energy Go Head-to-Head in California

28 Jun , 2021  

theguardian.com, 6/28/21. Earlier this month, the water level in Lake Oroville – California’s second-largest reservoir – was so low that dozens of houseboats were hauled out. There wasn’t enough water to hold them. In a few weeks, officials say, the lake’s water levels are likely to dip even lower – forcing them to shut down […]

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St. Paul Impresses as ACEEE’s Most Improved City for 2020

1 Dec , 2020  

Taylor Patterson, ERS The 2020 City Clean Energy Scorecard, developed by ACEEE, recognizes energy efficiency achievements of cities across the United States each year. Not only does the Scorecard rank the most efficient cities nationwide, it also recognizes the most improved cities, the ones that have made the most significant strides toward greater efficiency standards […]

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Costume Ideas to Make Halloween 2020 Spooky and Sustainable

23 Oct , 2020  

Kelly O’Connell, ERS Halloween is the time for scary movies, spooky decorations, and horror-inspired costumes. Although many celebrations are going to look a little different this year, we want to share some ideas for costumes that are actually scary and spread climate change awareness simultaneously! What’s better than nonconfrontationally sharing information through a creative costume? […]

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Building Technology, Lighting

Mercury Use for Efficient Lighting is Going Out of Style

24 Jul , 2020  

Published on eceee.org, July 24, 2020. The European Commission is currently assessing whether to ban mercury-based lighting under the RoHS Directive. A new report by the Swedish Energy Agency and CLASP on the availability of LED lamps in Europe shows that there is no technical or economic justification for mercury-based fluorescent lamps to remain on […]

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Efficiency in Action, Markets & Business

Earth to get a Seat at the Table as “Missing Stakeholder”

22 Apr , 2020  

This article was originally published on forbes.com on April 20, 2020. When Business Roundtable published its now-famous statement of August 19, 2019, on the purpose of the corporation, it was hailed by many as an inflection point in modern business. Here were 184 leading CEOs advocating for corporations to take a broader societal role and […]

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Australia Wildfires Expose Severity of Climate Change Impacts

10 Jan , 2020  

Written by Taylor Patterson, ERS Word of Australia’s catastrophic wildfires has spread across the globe. It is nearly impossible to quantify the damage done to the ecosystems burning in the deadly inferno, which has eliminated critical plants, wildlife, and energy sources across the continent. Many scientists and journalists agree that climate change is partly to […]

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The Kids Are Going on Strike – a Global Climate Strike

18 Sep , 2019  

This article was written by Taylor Patterson, ERS What started out as one young girl standing up for what she believes in has turned into an international phenomenon that continues to grow exponentially in both support and participation by children and adults alike. You heard it right – on Friday, September 20, and Friday, September […]

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Pittsburgh and Philly Awarded Millions to Combat Climate Change

30 Oct , 2018  

Bloomberg announces $2.5-million gifts to tackle climate change in Pittsburgh, Philly Written by Amy Sisk, stateimpact.npr.org, October 22, 2018 Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York who’s weighing a presidential bid in 2020, visited Pittsburgh and Philadelphia on Sunday to announce that both cities will receive up to $2.5 million to combat climate change. […]

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Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

Study Finds That Improving Energy Efficiency Can Mitigate Global Warming

18 Jul , 2018  

World can limit global warming to 1.5C by ‘improving energy efficiency’ Written by Daisy Dunne, carbonbreif.org, June 4, 2018 It is possible to limit global warming to 1.5C and achieve many of the sustainable development goals without “negative emissions technologies”, a new study finds. The research suggests that improving energy efficiency – chiefly by saving […]

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