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Project Spotlight: NYSERDA REV Campus Challenge

8 Jan , 2020  

Shannon Dracup, ERS New York State’s higher education institutions represent a diverse network of two- and four-year, public and private colleges and universities. Institutions across the state are committed to growing their clean energy efforts, engaging their student body, and advancing sustainability on campus. Roughly 55% of NYS institutions are members of NYSERDA’s REV Campus […]

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New Gas Pipeline Idea Threatens Peace of Moratorium Lift

4 Dec , 2019  

This article was originally published on utilitydive.com on Nov. 25, 2019. Dive Brief: National Grid has agreed to lift its moratorium on new gas service applications in downstate New York for a two-year period, after striking a deal with the state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D, announced Monday. The utility will begin processing applications that have been […]

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Empowering Innovation and Maximizing Energy Savings

15 Nov , 2016  

NYS Looks to Change Utilities’ Role in Energy Projects Energy Manager Today, November 10, 2016 Last week, a mandated report entitled “Energy Efficiency Metrics and Targets Options Report,” which was written by the Clean Energy Advisory Council, was released. The report draws heavily on work by Energy Innovation, a think tank based in San Francisco. Michael […]

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BuildSmart NY Project to Save SUNY Purchase $400,000 in Energy Costs

25 Aug , 2016  

Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of $9.2 Million Energy Efficiency Project at Purchase College New York State Governor, August 15, 2016 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the completion of a New York Power Authority $9.2 million energy efficiency project that will save SUNY Purchase College about $400,000 in annual energy costs. The completion of this […]

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The Emergence of Community Microgrids

29 Jun , 2016  

resiliency community microgrids distributed energy

Community Microgrids: Where, Why and How? Microgrid Knowledge, June 28, 2016 In a Q&A interview, Hitachi’s Brian Levite describes the emergence of community microgrids. Where can they be found? Why are they good for the economy and at-risk populations? And how can we make more of them? What is the NY Prize and how will it be […]

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New York State Invests $36 Million Into Building Energy Efficiency

20 Jun , 2016  

STATE ROUNDUP: New York puts up $36 million for energy-efficient buildings Lockport Union Sun & Journal, June 20, 2016 The state is putting up $36 million to increase the energy efficiency of commercial buildings such as office towers, universities, hospitals and retail stores. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority says the money […]

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What’s Right with New York: A Primer on New York’s REV Proceeding

1 Jun , 2016  

New York REV

Allison Donnelly, ERS, for Zondits. Image credit: Unsplash / 8180 images This is a good time to be working in clean energy. Nationwide, the costs of rooftop solar, LEDs, electric vehicles, and other sustainable technologies are coming down at an impressive rate. Technologies that once seemed to be on the fringe are becoming mainstream – even […]

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What’s Hot? Combined Heat and Power – A New Approach to Project Acceleration

11 Feb , 2016  

Presented at the AESP 26th National Conference on February 3, 2016 Lucy Neiman and Gita Subramony, ERS The growing focus on distributed generation (DG) has fueled new approaches that streamline and reduce the complexity of project installations. This design and initial results from an accelerator program encourages and promotes the installation of combined heat and power […]

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New York Program Supports Community Solar

20 Jul , 2015  

New program lets New Yorkers support renewable energy Washington Times, July 20, 2015. Image credit: Unsplash A new program will let New York residents subscribe to local renewable energy projects and get a credit on their utility bills for their portion of the energy produced. Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved the Shared Renewables Program last week. The non-profit […]

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It’s Official! No High-Volume Fracking in New York State

30 Jun , 2015  

New York State’s Fracking Ban is Official NRDC Switchboard, June 29, 2015. Image credit: David Lofink It’s official! New York State has taken the historic step of banning high-volume fracking throughout the state. I know, you may have thought that had happened back in December. In fact, while Governor Cuomo – through his Commissioners of Environmental Conservation […]

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