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Celtic Tradition Brings Back Energy Efficiency Heroes of the Past

28 Oct , 2020  

Brian McCowan, ERS Halloween has its roots in the Celtic traditional celebration of Samhain, which first took place during the Iron Age (considered to be about 800 BC to 100 AD) in what is now Ireland and Scotland. Samhain began as a collection of rituals that recognized the end of summer, the completion of crop […]

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Adding More Things Green to Your Holiday

19 Dec , 2019  

Written by Taylor Patterson, ERS For most people, the holidays are the busiest time of year between traveling, cooking, decorating, shopping, and other stressors adding to our already crazy everyday lives! This holiday, consider ways you can celebrate and enjoy the magic of the season without leaving an excessive footprint on the existing climate crisis. […]

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Sustainability Offers a Helping Hand for Nonprofits

3 Sep , 2019  

Written by Ariel Felton and published on yaleclimateconnections.org on August 7, 2019. Christ House, a medical facility for homeless people in Washington, D.C., used to spend thousands of dollars a year on its old, inefficient lighting. That’s money that could have been spent on patient care. Help came last year from the D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility, […]

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Internet Technologies Helping to Reach Energy Efficiency Targets

28 Aug , 2019  

This article was originally published on energymanagertoday.com on August 15, 2019. A growing number of US manufacturers are setting goals to reduce their energy use. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology can help. With a wide net of low-cost wireless sensors and smart equipment connected to powerful analytics tools, plants can improve their energy efficiency, […]

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LED Tariffs to Affect the Cost of Lighting in the US

22 Jun , 2018  

LED Lighting Retrofit best LED light bulbs

Prices set to rise as LED tariffs get go-ahead luxreview.com, June 18, 2018 The cost of lighting looks set to rise now that the US government has confirmed that Chinese lighting components will be hit with tariffs of up to 25 per cent. Light emitting diodes, filament lamps and HID lamps as well as aluminium […]

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Largest Horticultural LED Job in History Is Boosting Food Supply in Russia

6 Nov , 2017  

horticultural LED

Russian project is ‘largest horticultural LED job in history’ A MASSIVE installation of LED lighting designed to boost food supply in Russia will be the largest horticultural LED lighting project in history. Over 120,000 luminaires will illuminate a greenhouse growing area of 25 hectares, equivalent in size to about 40 soccer pitches. It will significantly […]

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Identifying Optential Energy Savings in Leased Offices

30 Jun , 2017  

led-office Business Benefits leds

3 ways to identify energy savings in leased offices UtilityDRIVE, June 6, 2017 How many times have we thought, “It’s 2017…what office buildings don’t use LED lighting now?” LED lighting retrofits, occupancy sensor installations, and HVAC programming are examples of these “low-hanging fruit” projects. Have we exhausted all the energy efficiency opportunities in commercial buildings? […]

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Tuning the PAR & Light Spectrum to Influence Indoor Agriculture Growth

18 Apr , 2017  

indoor agricultural market cannabis

Nick Collins, ERS, for Zondits In recent years, LED lighting has had a transformative effect on the interior and exterior lighting markets by offering lamps and fixtures with high levels of efficacy and flexibility of application. Another market is poised for transformation through the application of LED fixtures, but this time it is the indoor […]

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McLaren Health Care’s Sweeping LED Lighting Initiative

6 Mar , 2017  

healthcare LED lighting

McLaren Health Care Center Invests in Better Light CREE Case Study Timing Is Everything When Keith Miller first heard about LED lighting nearly a decade ago, he was Facilities Director at McLaren Macomb Hospital in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Miller figured it was a development worth watching—but simply too costly and not yet proven. Fast forward […]

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Utilities Struggle to Cope with the Energy Demands of the Marijuana Industry

9 Jan , 2017  

hvac for indoor agriculture marijuana industry

Where Marijuana Plants Flourish Under Energy-Saving LED Lights New York Times, November 25, 2016 As cannabis has increasingly gone legitimate — about two dozen states had already legalized it in some form before several others eased restrictions on Election Day — electric utilities have struggled to cope with the intensive energy demands of the proliferating […]

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