Building Technology, Plug Loads

Ask the Expert: How Can You Slay Office Phantom Loads?

27 Oct , 2020  

Max Ma and Amanda Gasse, ERS Question: Plug loads are one of the fastest growing sources of energy use in commercial buildings today. In offices, they account for 15%–20% of office electricity use. Due to COVID-19, commercial office building owners report that offices have not returned to normal occupancy levels. Yet tenants report that, while […]

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Building Technology, HVAC

NEEA Study Provides Insight on the Future of C-RTUs

5 Nov , 2019  

This report was originally prepared for and published by NEEA. Condensing rooftop units (C-RTUs) have been identified as an efficient natural gas technology with energy savings potential in Northwest commercial buildings. C-RTUs face several challenges in becoming a widespread technology, including higher upfront cost, added complexity managing condensate, contractor unfamiliarity with the technology, and limited […]

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Efficiency in Action, Markets & Business

Identifying Optential Energy Savings in Leased Offices

30 Jun , 2017  

led-office Business Benefits leds

3 ways to identify energy savings in leased offices UtilityDRIVE, June 6, 2017 How many times have we thought, “It’s 2017…what office buildings don’t use LED lighting now?” LED lighting retrofits, occupancy sensor installations, and HVAC programming are examples of these “low-hanging fruit” projects. Have we exhausted all the energy efficiency opportunities in commercial buildings? […]

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Program Implementation, Programs & Policy

Smarter, Efficient Energy Infrastructure Builds a Better New York State

27 Mar , 2016  

Governor Cuomo Announces 112,000 Energy Efficiency Projects Initiated Since 2012 Governor NY, March 23, 2016. Image credit: kjubee Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that in the past four years, 112,000 residential and commercial energy efficiency projects have been completed or are currently under development through New York State clean energy programs. These projects will attract […]

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Building Technology, Whole Building

Minimizing Energy Waste with ENERGY STAR

15 Oct , 2015  


Amanda Gassé for Zondits, October 15, 2015 Boston’s super old, super green buildings Boston.com, October 13, 2015. Image credit: Riccardo Diotallevi Large luxury apartment buildings are continuing to pop up around Boston – a stark contrast from the historic brownstones and triple-deckers that have been making their mark on the city since its founding. The newcomers are […]

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Building Technology, Whole Building

Is Tenant Star the Right Tool to Drive Commercial Building Energy Savings?

16 Jul , 2015  

From Enery Star to Tenant Star: The next frontier in building effiency GreenBiz, July 10, 2015. Image credit: PixelAnarchy It’s not hard to see the allure of Tenant Star. Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager is already successfully helping more than 400,000 commercial buildings measure, track, assess and report their energy and water use. And last year Energy […]

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