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NEEA Study Provides Insight on the Future of C-RTUs

5 Nov , 2019  

This report was originally prepared for and published by NEEA. Condensing rooftop units (C-RTUs) have been identified as an efficient natural gas technology with energy savings potential in Northwest commercial buildings. C-RTUs face several challenges in becoming a widespread technology, including higher upfront cost, added complexity managing condensate, contractor unfamiliarity with the technology, and limited […]

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A Zondits Interview: BetterBricks High Efficiency HVAC Technology

27 Aug , 2018  

Zondits recently connected with Maria Murphy, Senior Program Manager at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), who is working to bring high-performance HVAC solutions to the market. NEEA is a collaboration of over 140 utilities and efficiency organizations working together to advance energy efficiency in the Northwest on behalf of more than 13 million consumers. BetterBricks […]

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