Smarter, Efficient Energy Infrastructure Builds a Better New York State

Governor Cuomo Announces 112,000 Energy Efficiency Projects Initiated Since 2012

Governor NY, March 23, 2016. Image credit: kjubee

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that in the past four years, 112,000 residential and commercial energy efficiency projects have been completed or are currently under development through New York State clean energy programs. These projects will attract $766 million in private investment and will save customers $341 million on their energy bills each year. Homeowners are saving an average of $56 per month on electric and natural gas bills, and building owners are saving an average of $1,023 per month.

The 112,000 energy efficiency projects across the state include 90,000 individual homes and 22,000 commercial buildings, including apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, art galleries and office buildings. The projects will reduce annual electricity demand by 2 million megawatt hours a year, the equivalent of saving enough electricity to power more than 275,000 average-size homes. They will also reduce annual heating fuel demand by 9 trillion British thermal units (Btu), the equivalent of heating more than 85,000 average-size homes. [bctt tweet=”New York State energy efficiency projects will reduce annual electricity demand by 2 million MWh/year.”]

Additionally, the projects will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 797,000 metric tons annually, the equivalent of taking 168,000 cars off the road, which helps the State progress toward its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent and decreasing energy consumption in buildings by 23 percent by 2030.

A detailed regional breakdown of energy efficiency statistics can be found here: Energy Efficiency Chart by Region.

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