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The Influence of Lighting Design On Plant Growth

24 Apr , 2017  

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Understand energy efficiency of LED horticultural lighting systems LEDs Magazine, April 19, 2017 There are multiple considerations that a business faces when evaluating light sources to use for horticultural lighting, including but not limited to: light intensity, spectrum, uniformity of light distribution, energy efficiency, and fixture lifespan. Horticultural lighting systems convert electrical energy into light […]

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Building Technology, Emerging Technology, Lighting

Tuning the PAR & Light Spectrum to Influence Indoor Agriculture Growth

18 Apr , 2017  

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Nick Collins, ERS, for Zondits In recent years, LED lighting has had a transformative effect on the interior and exterior lighting markets by offering lamps and fixtures with high levels of efficacy and flexibility of application. Another market is poised for transformation through the application of LED fixtures, but this time it is the indoor […]

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