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Michigan Schools Strive for ENERGY STAR Certification

6 Sep , 2018  

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Michigan public educational facilities encouraged to pursue ENERGY STAR certification to help cut energy bills uppermichiganssource.com, September 6, 2018 Michigan has more ENERGY STAR certified K-12 schools than any other state in the Midwest, and it plans to continue its leadership in the coming years by helping Michigan public educational facilities pursue this designation and […]

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Tips for Saving Energy in Low Temps

11 Jan , 2018  

Low temps, high energy: Cost-cutting tips The Jackson Sun, January 2, 2018 A tight power supply situation on the TVA system eased Tuesday morning, following an appeal by the Tennessee Valley Authority for customers to reduce their energy use amid extreme cold temperatures. In a press release, the TVA announced cooperation by more the 8.5 […]

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Industrial Technology, Refrigeration

A Guide to Purchasing an Energy-Efficient Refrigerator

14 Dec , 2017  


Guide to Energy-Efficient Refrigerators Constellation, 2017 The refrigerator is one of your home’s hardest working appliances, typically making up 13.7 percent of a home’s energy usage, according to the Department of Energy. In other words, owning energy-efficient refrigerators makes good financial sense! The question, though, is which energy-efficient refrigerator model should you choose? What are the […]

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Simple Ways to Cut Back on Energy Costs

25 Jul , 2017  

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Fast ways to cut your home energy bills CNBC, July 12, 2017 Cutting your energy bill doesn’t have to require much energy — or money — on your part. Consumers aren’t taking advantage of many simple avenues to save money, according to a new survey from marketplace SaveonEnergy.com. Only 14.2 percent say they unplug their home printer […]

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Energy Efficiency Is One of Our Largest Electricity Resources

12 Jun , 2017  

While You Weren’t Looking, Energy Efficiency Became One of Our Nation’s Top Energy Resources Union of Concerned Scientists, June 2, 2017 Here’s a fact I bet you didn’t know: in 2015, energy efficiency saved more electricity than was produced by every type of electricity resource in our country but for coal and natural gas. Hydro, […]

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Energy-Efficient Technologies Build Smarter Homes

13 Apr , 2017  

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Builders Use Energy Efficient Technologies to Construct Better Homes Navigant Research, March 31, 2017 Home builders today have many options for creating more efficient and smarter homes, and a survey says builders are actually using these products. According to a recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey, single-family builders in the United States are […]

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Defending Energy Star Against the Trump Administration

13 Apr , 2017  

efficiency-law Trump Administration

US State Attorneys To Sue Trump Administration Over Energy Efficiency Standards Clean Technica, April 5, 2017 US State Attorneys led by New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman have filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration for illegally blocking energy efficiency standards that the claimants believe not only cut costs but cut pollution levels as […]

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Efficiency in Action, Markets & Business

How Can You Save Money and Energy on Long Island?

27 Mar , 2017  

green-schools PSEG Long Island

Jordan Cohen, ERS, for Zondits Long Island residents can now review PSEG Long Island’s spring money-saving tips and incentivized programs to keep their wallets full and energy consumption down this spring. Customers with functioning but old, inefficient refrigerators or freezers can request a pickup from PSEG Long Island, who will recycle them responsibly. The best […]

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The Five Biggest Accomplishments of the ENERGY STAR Program

10 Mar , 2017  


Daniel Pidgeon, ERS, for Zondits The Energy Star program was launched by the EPA and DOE in 1992 to promote energy-efficient household appliances, lighting, heating systems, air conditioners, and other such items. The program is completely voluntary, and both manufacturers and consumers enjoy the benefits. By setting an international standard for energy-efficiency, this program has […]

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ENERGY STAR Program in Danger

9 Mar , 2017  

Energy Star program

Lisa Markowski, ERS, for Zondits The well-known ENERGY STAR program for labeling energy-efficient products is in jeopardy, as the Trump administration looks to cut it from the budget. This potential elimination joins a growing list of presidential plans that critics say will increase risk to the environment. The Republican president has already pledged to do […]

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