Greedy Gadgets are Nibbling Away at Your Electricity Bill

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Silent and costly: how standby gadgets rack up energy bills The Telegraph, February 7, 2017 Beware of the gadgets silently running up your gas and electricity bills, probably at this very second. These quietly greedy gadgets are nibbling away at your electricity, quietly racking up what you pay. Energy efficiency is a hot topic, and … Read more

How Efficient Is Your NYC Multifamily Building?

Jordan Cohen, ERS, for Zondits It is now easier than ever to find out how the energy efficiency of your large NYC multifamily building compares to similar buildings. Using the Urban Green Council’s (UGC’s) Metered New York database, you can search for your building address to see its ENERGY STAR score, energy and water usage, … Read more

Northwestern Triumphs in the Battle of the Buildings

Battle of the Buildings

Northwestern Cuts Energy Use in the Battle of the Buildings Northwestern, January 23, 2017 From September 1 through November 30, 2016, Northwestern competed in the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR’s Battle of the Buildings, a national competition to reduce energy use in buildings. The top performer among the University’s competing buildings was the Tarry Research and Education … Read more

General Motors Facilities Earn Energy Star Certification

GM Plants Recognized for Increased Energy Efficiency Reliable Planet Sixteen General Motors (GM) facilities recently earned recognition for their continued efforts to increase energy efficiency. GM’s Lansing Delta Township plant in Michigan and Fort Wayne assembly plant in Indiana earned an Energy Star certification for superior energy performance. The certification signifies that these plants are … Read more

Taming Building Energy End-Uses

Progress on Commercial Building Energy Efficiency has been Good, but More Attention is Needed to Decrease Waste in Several Areas The Energy Collective, July 4, 2016 Data recently released as part of the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) highlights changes in commercial sector energy demand between 2003 and 2012. The Energy Information Administration conducts CBECS approximately … Read more

Commercial Coffee Brewers Added to an ENERGY STAR Program

Commercial Coffee Brewers Now Eligible Energy Star, July 27, 2016 On July 8, 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized an ENERGY STAR specification adding commercial coffee brewers to the program. Coffee brewers are found in nearly every commercial establishment, from office buildings to hotels. The strict new energy efficiency requirements these products will have … Read more

Making Buildings’ Energy Footprints Transparent

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Power-use scorecards help building managers cut usage The Press Enterprise, April 9, 2016. Image credit: skeeze Hooper manages San Francisco’s five-year-old building-efficiency ordinance, created to measure wasted energy in the city’s largest structures, give them a score the public can see and prod owners to lower the lights and thermostats. San Francisco’s ordinance is … Read more

DC Tops the EPA’s List for Most Energy Star Certified Buildings

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Washington, DC Tops EPA’s List of Cities with the Most Energy Star Certified Buildings/Energy efficiency leads to a stronger economy and healthier environment EPA, March 30, 2016. Image credit: patticake1601 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced its eighth-annual “Top Cities” list, which ranks the 25 U.S. metropolitan areas with the most Energy Star certified … Read more

ENERGY STAR Windows, Doors, and Skylights Are Better Than Ever

Shedding Light on the Benefits of ENERGY STAR Certified Windows, Doors, and Skylights Energy Star, March 10, 2016. Image credit: StockSnap Did you know, ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors, and skylights now perform better than ever? “Why’s that?,” you ask. As of January 1, 2016, ENERGY STAR improved the performance requirements for these products. Here’s how: Climate … Read more

Minimizing Energy Waste with ENERGY STAR


Amanda Gassé for Zondits, October 15, 2015 Boston’s super old, super green buildings, October 13, 2015. Image credit: Riccardo Diotallevi Large luxury apartment buildings are continuing to pop up around Boston – a stark contrast from the historic brownstones and triple-deckers that have been making their mark on the city since its founding. The newcomers are … Read more