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NYC Daytime Electricity Affected Most by Covid-19

29 May , 2020  

This article was originally published on eia.gov on May 22, 2020. Actions to mitigate the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have caused daily weekday electricity demand in New York City to decrease by 16% in April compared with expected demand, after accounting for seasonal temperature changes. However, decreases in the city’s electricity demand have not occurred uniformly […]

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Episode 6: Yes We Can! The Podlet Goes to the Global Climate Strike

3 Mar , 2020  

global climate strike

The Zondits Energy Podlet goes to the New York City Global Climate Strike to hear from kids about why they are there and what the Strike means to them.

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Commercial Offices Present Opportunities for GHG Emissions Reductions

19 Jun , 2019  

Climate Mobilization Act

With the advent of the Climate Mobilization Act and associated local laws, commercial buildings in NYC need to start addressing energy efficiency.

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A Zondits Interview: Swiss Re Leads the Way as Commercial Tenants Cut Carbon Emissions with NYSERDA

7 Sep , 2018  

This article was written for NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program (CTP), which offers financial assistance for energy studies in tenant spaces. For more information on the program visit the NYSERDA CTP website. Kelly O’Connell, ERS, for Zondits, August 28, 2018 Zondits recently sat down with John Clifford, Head of Corporate Real Estate & Services (CRES) Americas […]

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New Energy Storage Safety Standards Set to Move Forward

5 Jan , 2018  

Energy Storage Safety Standards

Gita Subramony, ERS, for Zondits Energy storage has been a trending technology in recent years. With prices for lithium-ion batteries rapidly decreasing, energy storage solutions are poised to move forward rapidly. Storage applications in urban environments such as New York City have been garnering attention, although safety, permitting, and siting have been barriers to implementation. […]

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New York City Mayor Announces Buildings Must Increase Energy Efficiency

8 Nov , 2017  

New York City Mandates Existing Buildings Must Increase Energy Efficiency Clean Technica, September 18, 2017 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced new mandates on building owners to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of existing buildings, in a move that will affect NYC’s 14,500 least-efficient buildings, which together produce 24% of the city’s […]

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Transparency of Energy Efficiency Scores in NYC Buildings

7 Jun , 2017  

Building Efficiency energy efficiency scores

Jordan Cohen, ERS, for Zondits New York City residents are largely unaware that energy benchmarking data on the city’s largest buildings is readily available online for public viewing. An update to an existing law may soon require these buildings to publish their energy efficiency scores in a more transparent manner, however. If the bill passes, […]

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What Happens When We Shut Down Indian Point?

13 Mar , 2017  

Indian Point

Gita Subramony, ERS, for Zondits Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, located in Westchester County, New York, provides around 16 million MWh of electricity annually and accounts for around one-fourth of the total energy consumption for the five boroughs and Westchester. Although it produces an abundance of energy, the State of New York has announced that […]

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How Efficient Is Your NYC Multifamily Building?

20 Feb , 2017  

Jordan Cohen, ERS, for Zondits It is now easier than ever to find out how the energy efficiency of your large NYC multifamily building compares to similar buildings. Using the Urban Green Council’s (UGC’s) Metered New York database, you can search for your building address to see its ENERGY STAR score, energy and water usage, […]

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City Planners Incorporate Cutting-Edge Smart Technologies

3 Jan , 2017  

Energy Storage Portal Case Studies Page is coming soon

These smart cities are building infrastructures for the 23rd century Digital Trends, January 1, 2017 Currently more than 54 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. The United Nations projects this number will increase to 66 percent by 2050. As our cities become more populated, an increasingly uneven strain is placed on the overall infrastructure. To combat […]

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