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LLLCs Shed Light on Future Commercial Energy Savings

20 Feb , 2020  

This article was originally published on neea.org on Feb. 11, 2020. Commercial buildings represent about 19 percent of U.S. energy use; of that, about 20 percent is lighting. To take the next big leap in lighting efficiency, the Northwest is turning to a promising solution: luminaire level lighting controls (LLLCs). LLLCs combine LEDs with integrated controls […]

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Target Phantom Plug Loads, Not Phantom Savings

19 Oct , 2017  

phantom plug loads

Max Ma, ERS, for Zondits Plug loads are any electrical devices or appliances that draw power from an electrical wall outlet, including computers, monitors, printers, copiers, vending machines, coffee machines, and many others. When plug loads draw power for an extended period in an idle mode, the idle power use is referred to as phantom […]


Building Technology, Plug Loads

Tips for Plug Load Energy Reductions: It’s All about the Data

13 Jun , 2017  

Energy Efficiency plug loads

Dan Pidgeon, ERS, for Zondits With a lot of focus on green buildings and energy efficiency upgrades such as lighting and HVAC, plug loads now account for a much greater percentage of building energy use. A typical office building can expect plug loads to make up 25% of the total electrical load. However, in an […]

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Greedy Gadgets are Nibbling Away at Your Electricity Bill

26 Feb , 2017  

electricity bill alternative energy energy efficiency day

Silent and costly: how standby gadgets rack up energy bills The Telegraph, February 7, 2017 Beware of the gadgets silently running up your gas and electricity bills, probably at this very second. These quietly greedy gadgets are nibbling away at your electricity, quietly racking up what you pay. Energy efficiency is a hot topic, and […]

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Reducing Phantom Power Loads

20 Dec , 2016  

Energy Efficiency Through Plug Load Control: Not Exciting…But Effective Energy Manager Today, July 6, 2016 A July feature at Automated Buildings put the topic in context. The piece, written by Alerton’s Kevin Callahan and Kevin Clinger, pointed to two reasons that plug loads should be paid attention to. Ensuring continuity of operations is one. The other, […]

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Drawing Power: Plug Load Management

28 Nov , 2016  

appliances-plug plug load management

Plugged In: Trends in Plug Load Monitoring and Management Automated Buildings, July 2016 Equipment plugged into wall outlets represents an ever larger share of energy consumption in buildings, so naturally building pros are looking there for energy savings. Plug loads now consume about 15% – 20% of electricity in offices, and as much as 40% […]

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Managing Office Plug Loads

6 Jul , 2016  

5 Simple Steps for Managing Your Plug Load New Buildings Institute Step 1: Review Start smart by gathering your data. Who are your stakeholders? Identify who in your office should be involved in decisions about plug-load devices. Stakeholder expertise is critical to achieving buy-in. What is your budget, and what are your goals? Your plan […]

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Building Technology, Plug Loads

3 Plug Loads Projects to Tackle Energy Consumption Vampires

4 May , 2016  

plug loads

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announces 3 energy-saving projects The Daily Californian, April 14, 2016. Image credit: StockSnap Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced Wednesday the launch of three research projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency for a variety of electrical devices. The new projects tackle the energy consumption of different types of “plug loads” — devices […]

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DPR Construction Exemplifies World-Class Net Zero Leadership

16 Mar , 2016  

DPR Construction

The power of zero: How to a real-world Net-Zero office Green Biz, March 12, 2016. Image credit: ccr-mag DPR Construction’s Phoenix Regional Headquarters creates a space that exemplifies deep sustainability in the hot dry climate, on a site that provides revitalization and adaptive reuse. The office is ILFI Net Zero Energy and LEED Platinum certified. […]

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DOE Issues a Power Supply Standard to Conquer Vampire Electronics

22 Feb , 2016  

power supply

DOE’s New Power Supply Standards Are a Big Win for Consumers and the Environment Appliance Standards Awareness Project, February 3, 2016. Image credit: Mike Lee Thanks to a new national standard announced today by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), power adapters–the sometimes bulky and annoying boxes on the power cords of your electronic gadgets–will waste […]

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