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Stretch Codes Could Potentially Expedite the Advancement of Green Buildings

15 Nov , 2017  

Stretch Codes

Could stretch codes supercharge the green building marketplace? GreenBiz, November 10, 2017 This week, thousands of building industry professionals converged at Greenbuild 2017 to share their excitement and progress toward advancing green buildings. But while the number of green buildings has grown dramatically over the last decade, the pace of construction still falls far short of what […]

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Managing Office Plug Loads

6 Jul , 2016  

5 Simple Steps for Managing Your Plug Load New Buildings Institute Step 1: Review Start smart by gathering your data. Who are your stakeholders? Identify who in your office should be involved in decisions about plug-load devices. Stakeholder expertise is critical to achieving buy-in. What is your budget, and what are your goals? Your plan […]

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