Will Beer Help Virginia Diversify from a Coal Economy?

man in brewery

Matt Montalbano, Zondits staff, 7/14/2022 Coal mining has long been associated with the state of Virginia. But the state’s coal production has been in decline and Virginia is looking to stimulate and diversify its economy. InvestSWVA is a public-private campaign looking to assist the region’s transition away from coal and tobacco and toward new high-tech, … Read more

Net Zero Energy Becomes Elementary in Arlington County, VA

Taylor Patterson, 4/6/21. Zero energy buildings are the future of sustainable living – be it commercial, industrial, or residential settings. Arlington County, VA embraced this future with the design and construction of their zero-energy public elementary school. The building is powered by over 1,700 solar panels, has a geothermal athletic field that funnels into a … Read more