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“Convince Me” Series: A Spotlight on Decarbonization, Article 4

7 Dec , 2021  

Lisa Harmon, www.dnv.com, 12/8/2021 Discover why grid transformation and modernization is vital to electrification and why utilities need to start today. For the past two decades, utilities have worked diligently to manage grid demand through energy efficiency and conservation programs. These programs incentivize the adoption of products like LED lighting, energy-efficient air conditioning units, and […]

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Decarbonization, Law & Policy, Programs & Policy

“Convince Me” series: a spotlight on decarbonization, article 2

12 Oct , 2021  

DNV, 10/12/21 Energy regulations hold the key to utility-sector electrification. Find out what needs to change to accelerate the energy transition. In a market-driven economy, the utility sector plays a unique role. Rather than being shaped by competition and innovation, state and federal policies and regulations define how utilities operate. This structure impacts consumer rates, […]

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Australian Town Seeks Stable Energy Transition, Instead Buys a Lemon

28 Mar , 2017  

Coober Pedy energy transition

Ryan Pollin, ERS, for Zondits Coober Pedy is currently playing out a worst-case scenario for energy transition, and it behooves us all to understand what led them there. The South Australian mining town currently operates a very costly 3.9 MW diesel power plant to supply power to the region. After making the seemingly wise choice […]

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