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Net Zero Energy Becomes Elementary in Arlington County, VA

6 Apr , 2021  

Taylor Patterson, 4/6/21. Zero energy buildings are the future of sustainable living – be it commercial, industrial, or residential settings. Arlington County, VA embraced this future with the design and construction of their zero-energy public elementary school. The building is powered by over 1,700 solar panels, has a geothermal athletic field that funnels into a […]

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The Demand for Geothermal is Rising

18 Jul , 2019  


This article originally appeared on ACHR News on March 11, 2019 The global geothermal market is forecasted to reach $4 billion in 2024 While geothermal still represents just a fraction of the overall energy market, a renewed interest in energy efficiency and clean, electric technologies is creating a favorable environment for growth. Per a December 2018 study […]

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Zenesis House Energy Innovations

8 Feb , 2016  

Zenesis House

Max Twogood for Zondits, February 8, 2016. Image credit: Frans Drewniak A New Jersey father and son have found a way to reduce not just their energy costs, but also the aches and pains of shoveling snow: As part of what they call their “Zenesis House,” the Raj and Asit Parikh of Paramus installed two ground […]

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Renewable Energy Tax Credit Set to Expire at the End of 2016

31 Aug , 2015  

Wind, Solar, and the Renewable Energy Tax Credit ACHR News, August 31, 2015. Image credit: Tax Credits An existing federal tax credit for residential renewable energy systems, specifically solar, wind, and geothermal, is set to expire at the end of 2016. The NEWS has covered what this means for the burgeoning geothermal market extensively, but the […]

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LabSTAR Launches to Create Opportunities for Emerging Cleantech Companies

17 Jul , 2015  

Bay Area National Laboratories Jointly Launch New Small Business Voucher Pilot for Emerging Cleantech Companies LBL News Center, July 9 , 2015. Image credit: gr8effect Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories/California (SNL/CA) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), has been awarded $4.15 million by the Department of Energy (DOE) to […]

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A Zondits Interview: Integrating Geothermal Heat Pumps with Conventional Building Systems

27 Feb , 2014  

Process Efficiency

Zondits reached out to Greensleeves and asked their President and CEO to speak about geothermal systems in general and more specifically about using Greensleeves’ patent-pending software.

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