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Mechanical CHP to the Rescue

8 May , 2018  

customer-sited CHP

Mechanical CHP to the Rescue Why the “P” in CHP Doesn’t Always Stand for Electric Power Written by Dale Desmarais, Director of Business Development, Tecogen, Inc., April 8, 2018 If you live in a large city or you are involved in energy, you’ve probably heard about CHP. CHP stands for combined heat and power, also […]

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What’s Missing When We Value CHP?

2 May , 2018  


Written by Gita Subramony, ERS for Zondits, May 2, 2018 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) can be a more efficient way to generate electricity. For facilities implementing CHP, the value proposition typically centers on utility bill reduction. Using natural gas to generate electricity on-site can be cheaper than buying electricity from the grid, especially when […]

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CHP Sees Boom in NYC

22 Jul , 2016  

Gita Subramony, ERS, for Zondits Combined heat and power (CHP), or cogeneration, is experiencing a renaissance in the New York City region. Thanks in part to the efforts of NYSERDA and their innovative CHP incentive program, more facilities are planning CHP projects to help provide energy cost savings and reliable back-up power to thousands of […]

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Perfectly Fit with CHP

7 Jul , 2016  

Clean Energy for a Healthy Lifestyle Tecogen, July 7, 2016 The Greenknoll Branch of the Regional YMCA in Western Connecticut provides its clientele with state-of-the-art fitness options that include basketball courts, cardiovascular rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, and strength training rooms. The building is also outfitted with a CM-75 combined heat and power (CHP) system […]

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CHP Offers Reliable and Affordable Biproducts

9 Jun , 2016  

Intelligent Flow Control Supports Clean, Low Cost Energy Engineering, June 7, 2016 Major urban areas have markets for both products of a cogeneration operation: electricity and heating/cooling energy, and “district heating and cooling” is commonly used worldwide to serve commercial and residential customers. As an example, NRG Energy Center Omaha has delivered reliable and affordable […]

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Cogeneration Offers Energy Savings in Queens

13 Apr , 2016  

cogeneration CHP

Gita Subramony, April 13, 2016. Image credit: Chris Young The current Habitat Magazine features a profile of a recent cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP), project in Queens. The Roosevelt Terrace co-op in the Jackson Heights section planned a multi-phase CHP project that includes two 75 kW systems that have already been installed and another […]

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