The History of Air Conditioning and the Future of Thermal Design

air conditioning

Jesse Remillard, ERS, for Zondits A recent episode of the 99% Invisible podcast explores the origins of air conditioning (A/C) and how the widespread adoption of central air systems affected building designs thereafter. The 99% Invisible podcast is all about the things that largely go unnoticed but are essential to the modern world we live … Read more

Reefer Units Challenge the Limits of Thermal Efficiency

reefer unit

Reefer units get quieter, more efficient CCJ Digital, May 10, 2016. Image credit: I, 天然ガス, CC BY-SA 3.0 Transportation refrigeration units (TRU) are reaching heights of sophistication that rival the modern tractors that pull them across the highway. And like their truck counterparts, TRUs have made many strides to throttle back fuel consumption while also … Read more