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Episode 5: Exploring Electric Vehicles – Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Combustion Engines

3 Feb , 2020  

electric vehicles

Season 1: Episode 5 | January 3, 2020 Electric vehicles are gaining in market share across the USA, but the transition presents its own set of challenges for utility and city infrastructure. Gita and Elihu speak with Walter Schaefer, ERS, on the roadmap for electric vehicles. Featured image by Marek Studzinski from Pixabay

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Episode 4: Smell Ya Later – Composting Office Style

23 Jan , 2020  


In this episode, the Podlet goes on a food waste journey. What happens when 14 coworkers start composting and getting real in New York City?

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Episode 2: Turning Trash to Treasure

10 Dec , 2019  

Trash to Treasure Episode 2

Gita and Elihu talk with experts on reusing plastic waste. In this episode, they interview Sebastian Sajoux of Arqlite and Amer Jandali of Future Meets Present.

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The History of Air Conditioning and the Future of Thermal Design

21 Feb , 2018  

air conditioning

Jesse Remillard, ERS, for Zondits A recent episode of the 99% Invisible podcast explores the origins of air conditioning (A/C) and how the widespread adoption of central air systems affected building designs thereafter. The 99% Invisible podcast is all about the things that largely go unnoticed but are essential to the modern world we live […]

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