Building Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

Electrified Homes of the Future

21 Aug , 2019  

This article was originally published on NEEP, 2019 States, cities, and utilities across the region have made aggressive commitments to deep carbon reductions. In our 2018 Strategic Electrification Action Plan, NEEP found that significantly decarbonizing buildings to the necessary levels will require energy efficiency, a number of distributed energy resources including distributed generation and energy storage, […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Connectivity

The Butterfly Graph: The Northeast’s New Seasonal Load Shape

27 May , 2019  

buttefly graph

If we electrify vehicles and buildings, we use more electricity, which is hopefully renewable and close by (reduced transmission and distribution infrastructure). Currently, most utilities in the U.S. are summer peaking, but when we electrify buildings in heating climates, they will become winter peaking.

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Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

Ask the Expert: What is Strategic Electrification?

1 Feb , 2019  

New strategies continue to circulate in the energy industry and a term that keeps popping up is strategic electrification. We asked our expert: What is strategic electrification?

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