Ask the Expert: Next Generation Utility Program Measurement and What it Means for ESG

GianGabriel Masoni Dobles, Zondits staff, 5/23/2023 Zondits interviewed Nathan Phillips, a senior analytics engineer on the analytics and data science team at DNV. His work spans data engineering, building software, and assembling the tooling that helps utilities and other customers achieve energy savings. To serve both utility clients and colleagues at DNV, he navigates a … Read more

Ask the Expert: What Good Are Heat Pumps?

Mark D’Antonio, Zondits staff, 12/20/2022 Zondits spoke with Mark D’Antonio, Senior Principal Consultant at DNV, who is part of a team that is developing efficient clean technology approaches to decarbonizing the built environment. I live in a multifamily complex and the comfort level is not very good in the winter. I have heard that there … Read more

Ask the Expert: What is Decarb, Really?

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 11/15/2022 Zondits spoke with Gary Epstein of DNV who leads an initiative to assist utilities, businesses, and governmental entities with meeting their decarbonization goals. I am often hearing the terms decarb and decarbonize either in reference to the economy or buildings. But I am not clear on what it really means. … Read more