Ask the Expert: What Good Are Heat Pumps?

Mark D’Antonio, Zondits staff, 12/20/2022 Zondits spoke with Mark D’Antonio, Senior Principal Consultant at DNV, who is part of a team that is developing efficient clean technology approaches to decarbonizing the built environment. I live in a multifamily complex and the comfort level is not very good in the winter. I have heard that there … Read more

Ask the Expert: What is Decarb, Really?

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 11/15/2022 Zondits spoke with Gary Epstein of DNV who leads an initiative to assist utilities, businesses, and governmental entities with meeting their decarbonization goals. I am often hearing the terms decarb and decarbonize either in reference to the economy or buildings. But I am not clear on what it really means. … Read more

Sustainable Jet Fuel is No Longer Pie in the Sky

airplane in sky

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 8/25/2022 Revolutionary developments in aviation jet fuel promise an 80-90% reduction in harmful emissions. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) is a class of fuels under development that capture CO2 directly from the air and use it in a chemical process to produce non-fossil jet fuel. Private technology companies and the U.S. Air … Read more