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Virtual Audits: A New Era of Ensuring At-Home Efficiency

7 Oct , 2020  

energyefficiencyday.org, 10/7/2020. Working from home, teaching children from your kitchen table, enrolling for classes online, and/or streaming more entertainment? COVID-19 means residential energy usage is higher than normal. Homes that are less efficient may lead to particularly high spikes in monthly bills. Energy audits that reveal the areas where energy is escaping are more important […]

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Electrified Homes of the Future

21 Aug , 2019  

This article was originally published on NEEP, 2019 States, cities, and utilities across the region have made aggressive commitments to deep carbon reductions. In our 2018 Strategic Electrification Action Plan, NEEP found that significantly decarbonizing buildings to the necessary levels will require energy efficiency, a number of distributed energy resources including distributed generation and energy storage, […]

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Energy Efficiency vs. Solar Investments for the Average Existing Home

18 Jul , 2019  

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In this post, ACEEE explores the economics of energy efficiency and solar for an average existing home to figure out what makes more sense.

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The Key Benefits of a Residential Direct Install Program

12 Dec , 2016  

Residential Energy Efficiency Direct Install Programs — Case Study Clean Technica, December 1, 2016 The challenge is that education and behavior can be elastic. Sometimes behaviors become habits. Other times, people regress once they stop seeing visual cues or hearing messages affirming their behaviors. For this reason, hardware improvements are often deemed to be long […]

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Shrink Your Home Energy Bill

22 Sep , 2016  

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How to make your home energy efficient Curbed, September 20, 2016 In our eco-conscious (and money-conscious) age, there’s really no excuse for wasting energy at home. There are dozens of extremely easy, small steps you can take right now to minimize your use of energy resources and cut back your bill from the utility company. […]

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Why to Winterize: Tips and Tracks for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

18 Oct , 2015  


Amber Plante for Zondits, October 18, 2015. Image credit: jill111 The forecasts for winter are in, and there’s good news and bad news. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), this winter will be lighter on our wallets than the past 2 years in terms of energy and heating costs due in part to lower […]

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5 DIY Projects to Boost Energy Efficiency in Your Home

30 Sep , 2015  


Fall Home Improvement: 5 simple ways to increase energy efficiency and savings The Mapleton Press, September 24, 2015. Image credit: stevepb Try these easy DIY projects to help cut down on energy loss and expenses: Replace worn weather-stripping around doors and windows. Worn weather-stripping can create drafts and let heated air out, stressing your furnace and […]

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