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Investment in Energy Efficiency Increasing With 70% of Organizations Taking Notice

7 Nov , 2017  


Investment In Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy On The Rise Facility Executive, October 12, 2017 Global interest and investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy is on the rise: 70 percent of organizations are paying more attention to energy efficiency than a year ago, and 58 percent are expecting to increase investments next year. These are […]

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Sensors and the Smart Building of the Future

21 Feb , 2017  

beyond the grid smart building

Intelligent HVAC Systems Through Smart Building Technology Facility Executive, January 23, 2017 So what will the smart building of the future look like? Since buildings hold a wealth of data that facility managers should track and use, the forecast includes new innovations in sensing, analytics, and real-time automation. BuildPulse’s co-founder Jason Burt believes smart sensors […]

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The IoT Could Ensure No Building is Left Behind

10 Jan , 2017  

Net Zero Energy Buildings

Urban innovation: Will the digitalization create sustainable cities? Huffington Post, October 31, 2016 Imagine a city. In the center, a brand-new supermarket has been equipped with digital solutions that constantly monitor the cooling systems’ performance to make more out of the energy used. Maybe a new skyscraper is popping up next door to the supermarket. […]

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Smart Buildings Increase Productivity and Decision Making

26 Jul , 2016  

carbon-neutral Building Efficiency Smart Buildings

Smart building technology helps reduce energy costs RCR Wireless News, July 25, 2016 Many older buildings have the capability to become smart buildings, but owners and executives often overlook the perks of automation. Taking advantage of a smart building can lead to significant financial gain for property owners, and increase production of those working within these structures. Smart […]

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The Non-Energy Benefits of Smart Buildings

14 Jun , 2016  

led-office Business Benefits leds

Smart buildings monitor energy efficiency, but what are they really tracking? The Guardian, June 13, 2016 Most commercial buildings in Australia already have building management systems in place to monitor and adjust energy and water usage for maximum efficiency. Take the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, for example. The Adelaide research building uses […]

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Carnegie Mellon & IBM Announce Smarter Buildings Partnership

9 Mar , 2015  

Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon & IBM Apply Analytics for Smart Buildings Mobile Enterprise, March 6, 2015 Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) unveiled a new smarter buildings partnership with IBM to pioneer use of a new cloud-based analytics system for reducing energy and facility operating costs. By doing so, the institution expects to save approximately 10% on utilities, and […]

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What Have Intelligent Efficiency Companies Been Up to Lately?

26 Sep , 2014  


Summer was a busy period for companies working on the connected home. It was also filled with activity from companies working on making buildings smarter, with $28.9 million in investments and a couple notable strategic partnerships.

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