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The Non-Energy Benefits of Smart Buildings

14 Jun , 2016  

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Smart buildings monitor energy efficiency, but what are they really tracking? The Guardian, June 13, 2016 Most commercial buildings in Australia already have building management systems in place to monitor and adjust energy and water usage for maximum efficiency. Take the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, for example. The Adelaide research building uses […]

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Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

The Industrial Internet Revolution

7 Jun , 2016  

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Here’s how GE is using software to change its business model CNBC, June 7, 2016 Call it the “Industrial internet” if you will. Take industrial machines from jet engines to medical equipment and turn them into intelligent interconnected devices. Suddenly, you are no longer just selling assets, you are selling services. You can improve the […]

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Law & Policy, Programs & Policy

Key Steps in Accelerating the “Smart Cities” Movement Forward

29 Sep , 2015  


Jesse Remillard for Zondits, September 29, 2015. Image credit: Unsplash On September 14, 2015, the White House administration released a fact sheet on its “Smart Cities” initiative, which will invest more than $160 million towards the goal of improving the sustainability of participating US cities. These Smart Cities will look for ways to leverage the increasing […]

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Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

DOE Funding Opportunities for Energy Efficiency

28 Sep , 2015  


U.S. DOE Offers $70M for Smart Manufacturing Institute Energy Efficiency Markets, September 22, 2015. Image credit: TBIT The U.S. Department of Energy is offering up to $70 million in funding for a new institute that will focus on smart manufacturing research and development. “Smart manufacturing is a key information technology approach to unlocking energy efficiency in manufacturing,” […]

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Building Technology, Emerging Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

ORNL’s Smart Sensors Improve Building Energy Management Systems

2 Mar , 2015  


Innovative wireless sensor technology yields better energy efficiency R&D Magazine, March 2, 2015 Regulating comfort in small commercial buildings could become more efficient and less expensive thanks to an innovative low-cost wireless sensor technology being developed by researchers at the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE)’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Buildings are responsible for about […]

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Building Automation, Building Technology

New Temperature Sensors Offer Industry-Leading Power Efficiency

20 Jan , 2015  


Silicon Labs Introduces New Ultra-Low-Power Temperature Sensors Business Wire Press Release, January 12, 2015 Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB), a leading provider of environmental and optical sensing solutions for the Internet of Things and industrial automation, today introduced a new family of high-precision temperature sensors offering industry-leading power efficiency. Silicon Labs’ ultra-low-power Si705x temperature sensors consume only 195 nA (typical average […]

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Building Technology, Lighting

Kingspan Fuses Intelligent Lighting with Efficient Technology

12 Jan , 2015  


Zer0 Energy Lighting: The coolest commercial lighting system ever? Treehugger, January 9, 2015 We already know that smart daylighting can greatly reduce the need for artificial lighting. But what if you combined that technology with today’s ultra-efficient LEDs? And what if you then added smart sensors to intensify or dim artificial lighting as needed, according to both […]

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