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Mercury Use for Efficient Lighting is Going Out of Style

24 Jul , 2020  

Published on eceee.org, July 24, 2020. The European Commission is currently assessing whether to ban mercury-based lighting under the RoHS Directive. A new report by the Swedish Energy Agency and CLASP on the availability of LED lamps in Europe shows that there is no technical or economic justification for mercury-based fluorescent lamps to remain on […]

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Law & Policy, Programs & Policy

Key Takeaways from a Clean Power Plan Analysis

24 Mar , 2016  

clean power plan analysis

How the Clean Power Plan Can Accelerate Renewable Energy and Efficiency UCSUSA, March 24, 2016. Image credit: russmac Eight key takeaways from the new analysis The CPP helps speed up the shift toward a cleaner, more diversified mix of low-carbon power sources. Under the CPP National Trading Case, renewable energy accounts for 21 percent of the […]

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Law & Policy, Programs & Policy

Texas Receives Grade ‘F’ for Ozone Pollution

17 Oct , 2014  

Earlier this year, close to 20 Texas counties received a grade of “F” from the American Lung Association for ozone pollution (up from 15 counties in 2013). Ozone is one of the most ubiquitous and harmful air pollutants on the planet and has been linked to premature deaths…

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