Plug-in Hybrid Reforms a Lead Foot

Kate Helm, Zondits guest, 10/3/2023 Not quite ready to take the plunge into electric vehicle (EV) ownership? Neither was I, truthfully, and I have worked my entire career in the environmental consulting and energy efficiency spaces. Whether it’s range anxiety or the unknowns of installing a charger at your home (owned or rented), there are … Read more

A Zondits Interview: The Driving Forces Behind EVs

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Zondits Talks Electric Vehicles with EV Owners and Industry Insiders   Mark Renburke, Executive Director, Drive Electric America, 2012 Chevy Volt How did you first become interested in or involved with EVs? I wanted to commute to work without using gasoline to reduce my personal tailpipe emissions. As I learned more about all the additional benefits of EVs, … Read more