Powerboats are going green and getting quiet

A powerboat speeds along blue water, leaving a white wake.

By Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 3/3/2022. Many years ago, I visited a boat and outdoor equipment dealer in rural New England and asked if they sold canoes. The answer, delivered with a sarcastic tone, was, “We don’t sell anything unless it pollutes the air or water, preferably both.” Outboard motors have long been accused of … Read more

Motor Manufacturers Seek Additional Time to Comply With Energy Norms


Motor makers seek time to meet energy norms No suitable raw material, infra in place, say manufacturers thehundu.com, December 2, 2017 Manufacturers of electric motors have sought additional time to comply with the energy efficiency norms stipulated by the government earlier this year. According to them, the appropriate raw materials should be available in adequate … Read more

Looking Beyond the Motor for Increased Drive Train Efficiencies

The importance of drive train efficiency Control Engineering, December 6, 2016 Rather than breaking down the drivetrain into different sections and focussing on a single component, such as the motor, Bauer believes that a view should be taken of a single, ‘electro-mechanical’ package – one which must be fully integrated to achieve maximum performance. Despite … Read more

Advancing Technologies for Energy-Efficient Electric Motors

DOE Funds Projects to Develop Electric Motor Innovations ACHR News, December 8, 2016 The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced nearly $25 million for 13 projects aimed at advancing technologies for energy-efficient electric motors through applied research and development. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s (EERE) Next Generation Electric Machines projects will address the … Read more

The Benefits of Increasing the Efficiency of Gearmotors


Gearmotors enhance material handling energy efficiency Design World, March 11, 2016. Image credit: NORD Energy efficiency is an ever growing concern and a focus point in the manufacturing and material handling portions of the supply chain industry, not only to reduce cost and time, but also to help protect the environment. Gearmotors, electric motors, speed … Read more