Clean Grid Technology, Renewables

Floors of the Future Will Harness Energy from Our Steps

9 Nov , 2016  

New Flooring Tech Generates Electricity Through Your Footsteps Futurism, October 31, 2016 Pavegen, a British clean-tech company, is taking an innovative approach to sustainability by generating energy from something that most people do every day: walk. The technology is basically a multifunctional, custom flooring system that is outfitted with a wireless transmitter, which allows the data […]

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Emerging Technology, Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

The Emergence of the Digital Power Plant Era

19 Oct , 2015  


How digital power plant tech can help utilities get the most from their assets Utility Dive, October 19, 2015. Image credit: geralt As policymakers push the integration of more variable renewable generation, the need to balance supply and demand on the grid in the most clean and efficient manner will only grow. While storage offers one […]

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Building Technology, Emerging Technology, Whole Building

A Zondits Interview: Big Data, A Powerful Tool in Quest for Efficiency

10 Feb , 2014  

Energy Efficiency Industry 4.0

Zondits asked Chris Tagge, Ecorithm’s Chief Operating Officer, and Igor Mezic, co-founder and inventor of Ecorithm’s technology, to talk about their experiences with software systems that use big data.

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