The Benefits of Increasing the Efficiency of Gearmotors

Gearmotors enhance material handling energy efficiency

Design World, March 11, 2016. Image credit: NORD

Energy efficiency is an ever growing concern and a focus point in the manufacturing and material handling portions of the supply chain industry, not only to reduce cost and time, but also to help protect the environment.

Gearmotors, electric motors, speed reducers and ac vector drives play key roles in improving the energy efficiency of material handling operations. For example, NORD Gear has a two-stage bevel series—the SK92.1 and SK93.1—with gear efficiencies up to 97%. These helical bevel gearmotors can deliver 30% energy savings. Typical right angle worm reducers range in efficiency from 40 to 90% depending on size, ratio and output speed.

The two-stage bevel drives are available in a range of ratios. Features include UNICASETM, a quiet, leak-free housing design, along with wear-free infinite life gearing.

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