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Cold-SNAP: the Newest and Coolest Technology in Refrigeration

5 Jun , 2020  

This article was originally published on coolingpost.com on May 10, 2020. USA: A Harvard University team has developed an indirect evaporative cooling system which can cool air without adding humidity at a fraction of the energy cost of traditional cooling units.  Evaporative cooling is a well established technology which works well in a number of […]

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Industrial Technology, Refrigeration

Tecumseh Reveals Soft Launch for Swap-Out Refrigeration System

30 Oct , 2019  

This article was originally published on hydrocarbons21.com on October 22, 2019. U.S. manufacturer Tecumseh is pursuing a “soft launch” in North America of a propane (R290)-based packaged refrigeration unit for self-contained display cases that can be wholly detached for easier maintenance. Dubbed the “Complete Refrigeration System” (CRS) – also IntelliCool – the unit is being […]

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Industrial Technology, Refrigeration

Larger CO2 Compressors Launched by Emerson

14 Mar , 2018  

Honeywell cascade refrigeration

Emerson debuts larger CO2 compressors Written by Michael Gary, R744.com, February 21, 2018 Emerson has launched 35 and 40 HP semi-hermetic reciprocating Copeland CO2 compressors, with the 50 HP version slated for late fall. The compressors offer capacity ranging from 40,000 BTU/h to 320,000 BTU/h at 20°F SST. “There is a demand for larger CO2 compressors because CO2 is […]

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Size Matters: All Air Compressors Are Not Designed Equally

27 Apr , 2016  

air compressors

Sizing matters: How to avoid oversizing or undersizing your compressed air system Plant Services, April 7, 2016. Image credit: blickpixel Common downfalls of undersized and oversized compressors The most common issue resulting from under-sizing compressors is insufficient airflow to production equipment. Workers may complain that their tools aren’t working properly, or that low-pressure alarms may be […]

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A Zondits Interview: Allagash Brewing Company Increases Efficiency With Freeaire

15 Mar , 2016  

Richard Doughty, ERS, for Zondits. March 15, 2016. Image credit: Luke Truman Allagash Brewing Company started as a one-man operation in a small corner of a warehouse in Portland, Maine. Founder Rob Tod sold his first batch of beer in the summer of 1995. Since that time, Allagash has grown and expanded – available in […]

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