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Register for Our Next Webinar on HVAC for Indoor Agriculture

14 Sep , 2020  

hvac for indoor agriculture marijuana industry

Join us for a Zondits Webinar Series event on September 24 to learn more about HVAC for indoor agriculture cultivation facilities.

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A Zondits Interview: GS Thermal Solutions and Their System Benefits to Indoor Growers

26 May , 2020  

GS Thermal Solutions

Jesse Remillard, ERS, for Zondits Connecticut’s GS Thermal Solutions has developed the premier commercial liquid-cooled LED grow light on the market. The company also specializes in grow-room engineering, with a focus on providing whole system designs for commercial growers that maximize efficiency. Zondits spoke with the CEO and Vice President of Business Development to understand […]

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Industrial Technology, Process

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation at a Crossroads

30 May , 2019  

cannabis cultivators

Learn more about the numerous challenges faced by cannabis cultivators and energy efficiency professionals when it comes to designing and operating more efficient facilities

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Building Technology, HVAC, Interviews

A Zondits Interview: Growing with Desert Aire’s GrowAire™ Systems

20 Apr , 2018  

marijuana industry

Nick Collins, ERS for Zondits, April 20, 2018 Zondits recently interviewed Keith Coursin, President of Desert Aire, on the indoor environmental control and dehumidification systems they have designed for the cannabis cultivation and indoor farming industries. Zondits sought to learn more about the systems that Desert Aire offers, especially concerning energy advantages and any lessons […]

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Law & Policy, Programs & Policy

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Approves Energy Regulations

6 Mar , 2018  

indoor agricultural market cannabis

Massachusetts approves energy regulations for cannabis cultivation. What are the implications? Written by Sam Milton, Climate Resources Group, March 1, 2018 In its final day of deliberations after a wide-ranging nearly 6-month regulation-development process, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) just raised the bar on cannabis cultivation in the state. In short, the Commission agreed to include all […]

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Building Technology, Interviews, Lighting

A Zondits Interview: VividGro LED Grow Lighting

19 Apr , 2017  

Lighting Science VividGro

Chuck Porter, Jesse Remillard, and Nick Collins, ERS, for Zondits Zondits recently sat down with Pete Rumsey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Lighting Science/VividGro to gain insights into the use of LED grow lighting specifically for the cannabis industry. VividGro, based in West Warwick, Rhode Island, is one of a few […]

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