Register for Our Next Webinar on HVAC for Indoor Agriculture

September 24, 2020
12 PM ET | 9 AM PT

Nick Collins, our featured speaker, has visited dozens of indoor agriculture cultivation facilities; interviewed cultivators, vendors, designers, and utility program staff; conducted scoping audits of facilities; and performed detailed analyses of retrofit and new construction opportunities in support of utility incentive programs. Nick has also had the opportunity to perform detailed sub-metering for measurement and verification on cannabis cultivation facilities, which has given us unparalleled insight into the energy dynamics of grow rooms. He will share these insights and more on HVAC during our September 24th webinar.


Nick Collins, Associate Director, ERS
Nick is an indoor agriculture and controlled environment expert with a Maine Professional Engineer license. His areas of expertise include the monitoring and verification of energy efficiency projects and the analysis of energy efficiency and demand-limiting measures in commercial and industrial facilities. Nick has been on the Efficiency Maine Trust delivery team for the past 10 years; in this role, he has performed many energy efficiency assessments of commercial and industrial facilities, including cannabis cultivation facilities. He has also performed detailed cannabis cultivation facilities technical work for National Grid, Boulder County, MA Utilities, National Grid, Efficiency One Nova Scotia, California, and NYSERDA. Nick co-authored an ACEEE Summer Study paper on energy use in cannabis facilities, and he has presented on energy use in cannabis facilities at more than 20 conferences and workshops since 2018.

You can watch Nick’s June 17 webinar on lighting for controlled environment agriculture online here. Password required: 5o@A!b#?