Building Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

IoT Technologies Being Put to Use in College Campuses

29 Aug , 2017  

‘Smart’ Campuses Invest in the Internet of Things Campus Technology, August 24, 2017 At Sun Devil Stadium on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe, sensors connected to the WiFi and cellular network collect temperature, humidity and noise data for use by facilities staff. As part of a longstanding cheering contest, the noise data analysis identifies […]

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Building Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

Big Data is Contributing to Big Energy Savings in India

11 Jul , 2017  

india big data

These Startups Are Using Big Data And Smart Tech To Ease The Pressure On India’s Electricity Grid Forbes, July 6, 2017 India is aiming to make annual savings of $8.9 billion in energy costs by adopting new energy-saving technologies. As half of country’s energy is consumed by commercial sector, businesses have long been challenged to improve […]

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Building Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

The Constant Demand for Energy in Healthcare Facilities

8 Dec , 2016  


The Facility Manager: Harnessing The Power of Big Data in Healthcare Panoramic Power, October 13, 2016 With a continuing and constant demand for high energy consumption in healthcare facilities, it might seem impossible to simply cut a percentage off the budget. After all, the electronic equipment peppered throughout healthcare facilities is far from frivolous – […]

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Building Technology, Emerging Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

The Internet of Things as it Applies to EDGE M&V

8 Jul , 2016  

Divyanshu Kamboj, ERS, for Zondits The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities in the energy efficiency sector is making a very compelling case to reinvent the current practices of evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) of energy efficiency programs. The traditional “snapshot” oriented approach comparing before and after energy usage scenarios is no longer sufficient […]

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Markets & Business, Markets & Trends

Oracle Buys Opower for $548 Million

2 May , 2016  


Oracle Corp. (ORCL) To Tap US Utility Transition With Purchase Of Energy Efficiency Developer Opower Inc. (OPWR) IBT, May 2, 2016. Image credit: Peggy_Marco U.S. software giant Oracle Corp. says it wants a slice of the clean energy transition unfolding across America’s $2.3 trillion utilities industry. Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) announced Monday it will buy software-as-a-service company Opower Inc. […]

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Building Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

The IoT is Transforming the Agriculture Industry

7 Apr , 2016  


IoT now helping make smart wine? Read Write, April 4, 2016. Image credit: JESHOOTS The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the agricultural industry through facilitating high precision crop control, useful data collection and automated farming, with an emphasis on water management, waste reduction and cost effectiveness.  Today farms  can leverage IoT to remotely monitor soil […]

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Building Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

Using Data Analytics to Build a More Intelligent Grid

18 Mar , 2016  

100 percent uptime

Why utilities are using data analytics Landis + Gyr, March 1, 2016. Image credit: W.Rebel Improving network operations and planning At grid level, distribution management systems monitor circuit loading and aggregate data from a large number of intelligent devices such as smart meters, grid sensors and mobile devices being used by engineers in the field that […]

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Building Technology, HVAC

Weatherbug Home Saves National Grid Customers 3X More

8 Feb , 2016  

National Grid Weatherbug Home

Market Study Finds WeatherBug Home Delivers 3X Higher Consumer Energy Efficiency With Improved Customer Comfort In Utility Pilot Business Wire, January 29, 2016. Image credit: Weatherbug Consumers who integrated WeatherBug Home’s HVAC control and optimization capabilities with their connected thermostat saved 16.5% electricity when cooling their home as compared to 5.1% HVAC savings from a […]

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Codes & Standards, Programs & Policy

The Wonders of Big Data and Commissioning Practices

2 Aug , 2015  

Technology—Performance Art & Science Commercial Property Executive, August Issue. Image credit: weinstock As information technology improves and building owners accept commissioning as standard practice, that would seem to mean smooth sailing for commissioning as an integral part of development and property management. Naturally, things aren’t that simple. To address challenges, in 2013 the American Society of […]

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Building Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

Smart Cities are Taking Connectivity to the Next Level

30 Jul , 2015  

Barcelona: The most wired city in the world Fortune, July 29, 2015. Image credit: frankieleon For cities the possibilities seem endless. Officials around the world who find themselves grappling with tight budgets and rocketing bills have seized on this tsunami of data as a way to cut costs and overhaul systems that have barely changed in […]

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