The Constant Demand for Energy in Healthcare Facilities

The Facility Manager: Harnessing The Power of Big Data in Healthcare

Panoramic Power, October 13, 2016

With a continuing and constant demand for high energy consumption in healthcare facilities, it might seem impossible to simply cut a percentage off the budget. After all, the electronic equipment peppered throughout healthcare facilities is far from frivolous – it’s part and parcel of the struggle to save and improve lives. Without energy, a hospital simply ceases to operate.

Nonetheless, healthcare facility managers have the ability to harness the power of Big Data to help reduce their energy costs. According to McKinsey, the US healthcare industry could reduce spending by as much $450 billion if the data collected at these facilities were properly parsed and acted on.

Healthcare corporations have already saved close to $1 billion in the patient care sector alone by properly capturing and breaking down data. Just imagine the savings potential  if those same data-evaluating methods were used across all divisions!

By utilizing proven industrial energy monitoring and management technology, facility managers can drill down into the particulars of what equipment is being used when, how it’s used, its operational integrity, and the effects of concurrent device/system operation.

Taking this information, the well-informed facility manager can devise predictive maintenance schedules, calibrate equipment for optimal efficiency and effectiveness, identify and eliminate waste, and shift energy consumption away from peak demand hours.

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