Using Data Analytics to Build a More Intelligent Grid

100 percent uptime

Why utilities are using data analytics Landis + Gyr, March 1, 2016. Image credit: W.Rebel Improving network operations and planning At grid level, distribution management systems monitor circuit loading and aggregate data from a large number of intelligent devices such as smart meters, grid sensors and mobile devices being used by engineers in the field that … Read more

New York: A Testbed for Innovation

The Customer-Centric Electricity Grid Rocky Mountain Institute, June 17, 2015. Image credit: Joe Loong In 2014, New York State launched Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), a regulatory proceeding aiming to rewrite from scratch how the state’s electric grid operates. Alongside traditional assets such as big power plants and transmission lines, for the first time in the … Read more

Modernizing the Electricity Grid

You Don’t Need An Energy Company When You Can Buy Power From Your Friends Co. Exist, March 16, 2015 Utility companies are getting disrupted as people sell each other their energy, without the middleman. While communication networks have evolved a lot over the last century, the electricity grid has hardly changed at all. The system … Read more

REV: Aligning the Utility Business Model with Societal Goals

Energy Storage

All about the REV: How and why New York wants to develop distributed energy markets Utility Dive, March 3, 2015 The REV — the industry shorthand for the New York Public Service Commission’s Reforming the Energy Vision proceeding — sounds exactly like “rêve,” the French word for “dream.” It’s only fitting given the aspirations of the REV docket: to … Read more

Reengineering Utilities with Smart Grid Technology

How these energy geeks are reimagining an old school utility Reuters, January 27. 2015 Welcome to the utility industry’s future – or at least that’s what Southern California Edison is hoping. Here in a non-descript, 53,500-square-foot building, the $12 billion utility’s research team is testing everything from charging electronic vehicles via cell phone to devices … Read more

7th Annual Northwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit


7th Annual Northwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit Bryan Kilgore for Zondits, January 27, 2015 Every year the Northwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit conference held in Portland, Oregon, is a call-to-action meeting where industry, utilities, and energy professionals gather to collaborate with the goal of reduced industrial energy intensity. This event, sponsored by the Bonneville Power … Read more

The Power of Solar Thermal Farms in California


An increasingly rare type of solar farm goes online in California Gigaom, January 26, 2015 When the huge solar farm just outside of Las Vegas called Ivanpah opened up in early 2014, many lamented that this type of solar plant, called solar thermal, could soon become a dinosaur. Late last week another of these large solar … Read more

Interest in Smart Thermostats Increasing

Nest-Thermostat Smart Thermostats

Since 2013, the market for communicating and smart thermostats has exploded, according to Navigant Research, with 2014 seeing stronger traction with significant business activity in the form of mergers and acquisitions, international expansion, technological growth, and more conclusive evidence of cost-effectiveness.

Regulatory Policies Driving Increases in Utility Investments in EE

The report, “State Electric Efficiency Regulatory Frameworks,” outlines policy developments that support utility investments in electric efficiency programs, including how several states have updated their existing regulatory frameworks for energy efficiency since July 2013.