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Calculating Cities’ Carbon Footprint with Google Maps

27 Sep , 2018  

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A new use for Google Maps: calculating a city’s carbon footprint The Environmental Insights Explorer calculates emissions from buildings, car trips, and public transport to illustrate how a city’s sustainability efforts are faring. Written by Adele Peters, fastcompany.com, September 10, 2018 Looking at a city’s Google Maps data, in combination with other data, a new […]

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Google Enlists Artificial Intelligence to Save Energy

22 Aug , 2018  

Google just put an AI in charge of keeping its data centers cool DeepMind’s neural networks will tweak data center conditions to cut power usage. Written by Steve Ranger, zdnet.com, August 20, 2018 Google is putting an artificial intelligence system in charge of its data center cooling after the system proved it could cut energy use. Now […]

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Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Energy Efficiency

12 Jun , 2018  

How Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Energy Efficiency Written by Vivek Kumar, blueandgreentomorrow.com, June 1, 2018 The energy industry has undergone many changes over the past couple of years. With new advances in industrial processes, multiple sources of energy are now available which can drive forward a more efficient use of energy resources. With the newest breakthroughs […]

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DeepMind AI Proves Efficient in Managing Data Center Power

28 Jul , 2016  

Google uses DeepMind AI to cut data center energy bills The Verge, July 21, 2016 The amount of energy consumed by big data centers has always been a headache for tech companies. Keeping the servers cool as they crunch numbers is such a challenge that Facebook even built one of its facilities on the edge of […]

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Google Data Center Improves Energy Efficiency

5 Nov , 2014  

Less than a year after Google fired up its data centre in Singapore, the search giant is pushing the facility to attain greater energy efficiency through “machine learning”, Google’s vice-president for the data centre, Mr Joe Kava, said in an interview with TODAY last week.

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Artificial Intelligence Used to Improve Google’s Data Center Cooling Efficiency

9 Jul , 2014  


Google says that recently it’s been using machine learning — developed by data center engineer Jim Gao (his Googler nickname is “Boy Genius”)

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