Building Technology, Emerging Technology, Intelligent Efficiency

DeepMind AI Proves Efficient in Managing Data Center Power

28 Jul , 2016  

Google uses DeepMind AI to cut data center energy bills The Verge, July 21, 2016 The amount of energy consumed by big data centers has always been a headache for tech companies. Keeping the servers cool as they crunch numbers is such a challenge that Facebook even built one of its facilities on the edge of […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Renewables

Alabama Coal Plant Will Be a 100% Renewable Google Data Center

30 Jun , 2015  

Supreme Court Decision Unlikely to Stall the Shift Away from Coal Plants MIT Technology Review, June 29, 2015. Image credit: HebiPics Federal regulation aside, the decline of coal-fired power is being driven by market forces: more than 90 percent of these plants are older than 20 years; many are much older. The shale gas revolution has […]

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