Clean Grid Technology, Renewables

Wind Turbine in Spain to Compete for World Record Title

8 Jul , 2020  

This article was published on bloomberg.com on May 19, 2020. Spanish wind turbine manufacturer, is to build what will be the world’s biggest windmill, by the thinnest of margins. The 14-megawatt machine with a rotor diameter of 222 meters (728 feet) will be just two meters bigger than General Electric Co’s own massive turbine. It’s another […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Renewables

The Pinnacle of Wind Power in a Captain America-Style Shield

15 Jun , 2015  

How Does a Wind Turbine Work? With GE’s New ecoROTR, Better than Ever GE, June 9, 2015. Image credit: thefly GE calls the experimental design the ecoROTR and the company started testing it here last month. If the experiments confirm wind tunnel data, the 20,000-pound dome could lead to larger and more efficient turbines for windy […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Renewables

Small-Wind Turbines Making a Big Difference

23 Jan , 2015  


Allison Donnelly for Zondits, January 23, 2015 Though solar is typically seen to be the distributed generation technology of choice, small wind is also gaining popularity in the US. “Small-wind” (meaning a rating of 100 kW or less) turbines have been used in farms and other rural applications for decades but are increasingly being used […]

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