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First Solar Breaks Efficiency Record Using Cadmium Telluride Cells

13 Jun , 2016  

cadmium telluride

Mathew Gard, ERS, for Zondits In March, Arizona-based solar panel manufacturer First Solar set a new efficiency record for cadmium telluride solar cells at 22.1%. What makes this such an achievement is that until recently silicon-based cells have been more efficient at converting light into electricity. But that’s not all. First Solar thinks that within […]

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Clean Grid Technology, Emerging Technology, Renewables

Stanford Engineers Advance Solar Cell Efficiency

13 Oct , 2015  


Transparent coating keeps solar cells cool and efficient throughout the day Gizmag, September 23, 2015. Image credit: Theen Moy Stanford engineers have developed a transparent silicon overlay that can increase the efficiency of solar cells by keeping them cool. The cover collects and then radiates heat directly into space, without interfering with incoming photons. If mass-produced, […]

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