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Refrigerated Air Dryers as an Efficiency Solution

1 May , 2018  

Breaking Down the Basics of Refrigerated Air Dryers Written by Erik Arfalk, thecompressedairblog.com, January 11, 2018 Compressed air contains naturally occurring moisture, which can negatively affect applications that require moisture-free air. Dryers are a common solution for removing moisture content. One of the most popular options is the refrigerated air dryer because of its ability […]

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Phasing Down the Use of High-GWP Potential Refrigerants

20 Jun , 2017  


AHRI publishes first flammable refrigerant report Hydrocarbons 21, June 15, 2017 In a bid to identify suitable replacements for high-GWP HFCs being phased down under the Montreal Protocol, industry association the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) on 13 June issued an A2L research report as part of its ongoing testing of flammable refrigerants. The […]

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A Brief History of CO2 as a Refrigerant

13 Apr , 2017  

refrigerant Paris Agreement

Bryan Kilgore, ERS, for Zondits Using CO2, or R-744, as a refrigerant is not a new concept, but it has not had widespread commercial use since the 1930s. The use of CO2 as a refrigerant was replaced in 1930 with a new synthetic refrigerant, developed by DuPont and General Motors, known as Freon. Freon is […]

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The Natural Refrigerant Set to Reduce Supermarket Energy Use

13 Mar , 2015  

Bryan Kilgore for Zondits, March 13, 2015 Carbon dioxide refrigerant is being used in 200 Sainsbury’s grocery stores, replacing their old R-404A, hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant. This is not new, as many northern European supermarkets are switching away from HCF refrigerants. What makes this interesting is that the CO2 at these Sainsbury’s stores is created as […]

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An Eco-Friendly Refrigerant from Sugar Beet Waste

9 Mar , 2015  


The natural refrigerant set to reduce supermarket energy use The Guardian, March 4, 2015 A new waste product derived from sugar beet could help cut supermarket energy consumption from refrigeration Could the sugar you have in your morning coffee help prevent global warming? Sainsbury’s thinks the answer is yes and is putting the question to […]

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A Zondits Interview: Leading the Way to Efficient Refrigeration

30 Jun , 2014  


While it’s surprising that this idea isn’t already as prevalent in the refrigeration market as it is in the HVAC world, we’re glad that Freeaire has led the way to efficient refrigeration.

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