Illinois Cracking Down on Energy Efficiency in Cannabis Industry

This article was originally published on on Sept. 16, 2019. The state law seeks to avoid blackouts and other grid problems when its marijuana law takes effect Jan. 1. When Illinois’ new law legalizing recreational marijuana takes effect Jan. 1, growers will face some of the strongest energy efficiency and reporting requirements in the … Read more

Climate Change: Sour Milk for the World’s Coffee

Gita Subramony for Zondits, March 20, 2015 Can’t live without coffee? If climate change is allowed to continue unchecked, coffee beans might become hard to find. Coffee is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, since regions known for growing the crop have been plagued by periods of drought punctuated by extreme rainfalls. These climate … Read more

Can Utilities Help Reduce the Marijuana Industry’s Carbon Footprint?

marijuana industry

Now That Growing Pot Is Legal, Can It Also Be More Energy Efficient? OPB, January 28, 2015 Marijuana growing operations can be major power hogs. Now that they’re legal in Oregon and Washington, experts are looking for ways to make them more energy efficient. Indoor pot growing operations use as much electricity per square foot as … Read more