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FirstEnergy’s Efficiency Plans Face Critical Review

27 Sep , 2016  

FirstEnergy Ohio energy-efficiency-in-ohio

FirstEnergy could make millions in profits from its energy efficiency plan Midwest Energy News, September 22, 2016 Critics say FirstEnergy’s plan to resume its energy efficiency programs in Ohio could let the company take credit for work done by others and make millions of dollars as a result — at customers’ expense. Profiting from others’ work? FirstEnergy’s […]

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FirstEnergy Will Disband Efficiency Programs by the End of 2014

1 Dec , 2014  

State regulators on Thursday approved FirstEnergy’s request to scuttle most of its consumer energy efficiency programs at the end of the year, ending popular rebates and discounts on Energy Star appliances and lighting and rewards for turning in old appliances.

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Dummies Double Down in Ohio

1 Oct , 2014  


Samuel Randazzo, general counsel for the Industrial Energy Users — Ohio, a group representing some of the state’s largest industries, said the problems with the proposed EPA rule are “comprehensive” and noted that Ohio has joined with other states to file preemptive litigation for prevent the U.S. EPA to move forward.

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