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Three Ways Blockchain Can Save Energy

9 Nov , 2018  

How can blockchain save energy? Here are three possible ways. Written by Ethan Rogers, aceee.org, October 16, 2018. Blockchain is generating a lot of buzz as a promising system to verify and track peer-to-peer transactions in the energy sector. It could have multiple applications although there is still debate about which, if any, will work […]

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Energy Master Planning Fosters Continuous Energy Improvements

19 Aug , 2015  

Max Twogood for Zondits, August 19, 2015. Image credit: cocoparisienne Traditionally, energy service companies (ESCOs) provide energy audits for customers who are looking for ways to save energy. Energy audits can vary in rigor, but they usually incorporate some level of facility benchmarking, followed by an investigation and assessment of existing energy end uses and recommended […]

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Are Energy Efficiency Legislations Holding the U.S Back?

3 Oct , 2014  

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The implementation of energy efficiency savings in the US has been more difficult than its advocates might have hoped. Americans are relying on a patchwork system to achieve energy savings. That patchwork is derived from local, state and federal government regulations and from market forces.

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