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Redesign, Reuse, Replace: Packaging Trends

5 Apr , 2019  


Regulations are being passed to reduce single-use plastics. Here’s a view on packaging trends and suggestions to kick plastic packing to the curb.

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Earth Day 2016: Take Control of Climate Change Yourself

21 Apr , 2016  

Earth Day 2016

Amber Plante, ERS,  for Zondits. April 21, 2016. Image credit: Josch13 With the historic signing of the Paris Agreement this April 22, 2016, the role of reducing carbon emissions falls more squarely on the shoulders of everyday citizens than ever before. Taking this responsibility seriously and leaving a better footprint in which our children’s children can walk […]

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Sexy vs. Smart: Is Human Nature a Waste of Time, Money, & Energy?

8 Oct , 2014  

tudy after study has concluded that the most economically efficient and environmentally meaningful way to reform energy use is to minimize energy waste before maximizing energy production. On a consumer level, that means plugging energy leaks in a house’s or apartment’s walls before putting solar panels on the roof.

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